Cue6 provides original and highly focused compositions for advertising and media.

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David is a media composer with a classical education and a background in percussion.

In his youth, he discovered new styles of music through learning rhythms on the drumkit, which branched out into a love of orchestral texture and musical colour.

Since discovering the potentials of MIDI on his high school ATARI, he has come a long way to embrace the latest technologies in music creation. The result is no less than a typically modern musical upbringing; eclectic in genre with a musical tool-kit that’s full of useful little ideas.

With hefty experience in brand creation and commercial work, David also composes for feature film and documentary. Among his credits are scoring for an Oscar winning short film, co-orchestration work on a BAFTA nominated feature and music editing for a TV score BAFTA winner.


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Each showreel consists of a wide range of compositions and styles that have been compiled to give you a quick blast of some audio highlights.

  1. 01
    04.05Tales from the Bush Larder Series 2 PROMO
  2. 02
    04.13Commercial Selections Reel 2013
  3. 03
    08.45Drama Selections Reel 2013
  4. 04
    06.32Audio Showreel July 2009
  5. 05
    11.01Audio Showreel November 2009
  6. 06
    07.11Audio Showreel April 2010
  7. 07
    05.22Audio Showreel February 2011
  8. 08
    06.52Audio Showreel May 2011
  9. 09
    09.49Audio Showreel September 2011


Cue6 collaborates with several of the countries leading advertising agencies and music production houses to deliver precise and integral elements for each project.

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